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TruStage™ Insurance

Happy Family

Looking for reliable insurance options designed to be simple?

This offer is made available to credit union members.

Different life stages, different responsibilities. As those commitments grow and change, make sure your insurance is keeping up right along with them. Let TruStage™ Insurance help protect you, your loved ones, and the life you've built. We make insurance simple and straightforward, with the service and support you deserve. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Get an instant, no-obligation quote or explore your coverage options

Call 1-855-612-7909

Credit unions trust TruStage™ Insurance products and programs because they're brought to you by a company with an unwavering dedication to credit unions and their members.

We've built our reputation on exceptional value, superior service, and a commitment to serve members like you.

We're proud to empower credit union members and help you protect what matters most. With every call, every question, every claim, we strive to exceed your expectations.

TruStage™ Insurance products and programs are made available to credit union members and brought to you by Bay Atlantic Federal Credit Union. Affiliates of TruStage™ have been providing insurance and financial services made available to credit unions and members for more than 80 years, serving more than 20 million members.

TruStage™ Life Insurance is issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company, MEMBER Life Insurance Company, and other leading insurance companies. The insurance offered is not a deposit, and is not federally insured. sold, or guaranteed by an financial institution. Product and features may vary and not be available in all states. All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer. Corporate Headquarters 5910 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI 53705 © TruStage (GEN-2944082.3)

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