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Fraud Detection Calls

Talking on the Phone in the Park

Our top priority is your financial security. To help protect your account, we monitor your ATM and debit card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity. When a transactions is flagged, your card is temporarily frozen and you will receive an automated Fraud Detection call.

What happens on a Fraud Detection call?

  • You will receive an automated call from the Fraud Detection hotline

  • You will be asked to verify your three most recent transactions

  • If any of the transactions are fraudulent, the temporary freeze will be kept on your account. You will be directed to contact the credit union during business hours so we may issue a new card.

  • If all three transactions are legitimate, the temporary freeze will be lifted from your account and you may continue using your card normally

If you miss the Fraud Detection call, the automated system will leave a voicemail with a reference and call back number.

Why are transactions flagged?

Sudden Change in Location: A transaction originating from outside of your general area can be an indication of a stolen card or identity fraud, including online purchases from a company based in another state or country

Sudden String of Costly Purchases: Large transactions, especially several in a row, can be a sign of fraud. Criminals often try to run through purchases and withdrawals quickly before their activity is detected. This is why our system responds quickly.

Patterns Matching Fraud Trends: Our system utilizes fraud trends and data from around the world to identify suspicious patterns. Because of this algorithm, common transactions may sometimes be flagged. Rest assured, this is done for your protection.

My card is frozen but I never received the Fraud Detection call.

Our automated system calls the primary phone number we have on file for your account. In the event the number s incorrect or outdated, you will not receive the call. Additionally, if your voicemail is full or not set up, the automated system cannot leave a message with your case reference number.

If this happens, or you do not complete the transaction verification for any reason, you will need to speak with a member service representative for assistance. They will be able to either remove the freeze or handle replacing your debit card.

For assistance, please visit our main office or call 856-696-2525.

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