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Personal Loans

We understand that life happens, and sometimes it can be expensive. Whether you're dealing with unplanned repairs, making a luxury purchase, taking control of your debt, or planning your dream wedding, a personal loan can  help cover the costs. Click here to view our loan rates!

Applying is easy!

Click here to submit your application online, or visit us in person to submit a physical application.

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Bay Atlantic Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer the following credit assistance program as a benefit of membership with the credit union. Eligibility conditions include:

  • Applicants may apply for up to $1,000, with an 11 month term.

  • 18.00% APR*

  • $50 Non-Refundable processing fee**

  • Applicants must have an active share account at least 6 months old and must be in good standing at time of loan processing, with no negative balances and/or delinquent loans.

  • Applicants may NOT have more than 2 Credit Builder loans at one time and must be at least 6 months apart from prior loan (regardless of early payoff).

  • Applicants must have active direct deposit into a BAFCU share account prior to loan disbursement.

  • Applicant must have 2 years continuous employment, social security, permanent disability, and/or retirement income.

  • No credit report will be pulled at time of initial loan inception, however a credit report will be required prior to any subsequent Credit Builder loans, at which point the credit report will be reviewed to determine whether applicants are eligible for a standard BAFCU Signature loan.*** Applicants must not be in bankruptcy.

  • No cooldown period between BAFCU Signature loans and Credit Builder Loans

    • (i.e. Applicants may apply for Credit Builder loan upon receiving adverse action on standard Signature loan, however all other eligibility conditions apply)

Applications will not be accepted or processed until all the following documentation has been received:

  • Completed Application

  • Proof of 2 years continuous employment 

    • (i.e. W2’s for previous 2 years or Letter from Employer documenting start date)

    • 2 current paystubs 

  • Social Security (1099) and/or Pension award letters for previous 2 years (where applicable)

  • $50 Non-Refundable processing fee**

Applications must be submitted in person, by fax, or by mail.

For assistance, please contact our Lending department directly at 856-696-2525 ext 6011

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate based on creditworthiness of individual applicant and subject to change without notice. Example Payment: 11 monthly payments of $99.29 per $1,000 borrowed at 18% APR.
**Processing fee must be paid at the time of application and proof of payment must be submitted with documents.
***All decisions regarding extension of credit are based on Loan Officer discretion. The Credit Union withholds the right to review all aspects of creditworthiness during loan processing including, but not limited to, previous BAFCU loan history and recent share account history.

Credit Builder Loan

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