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Student Loan Coaching

On a Video Call

Free student loan coaching to get you back on track!

The pause on student loan payments is ending. Interest begins accruing again on September 1st, and depending on the terms of your loan, payments will once again be due in October.

Many people who may already be struggling financially will need to review their loan options, their budgets, and try to accommodate for the change. We recognize this as a difficult and uncertain time, but we're here to help!

As a credit union member you have access to free financial counseling from our partner in financial literacy, Balance PRO. 

Their student loan coaches will:

  • Conduct a thorough budget analysis of your income, expenses, and debt obligations.

  • Provide a comprehensive review of your federal student loans.  

  • Evaluate which repayment and/or postponement options you may    be eligible for.

  • Determine how to address defaulted student loans, if applicable.

  • Determine whether consolidation is a good option, if applicable.


Don't go through the stress alone!

The sooner you address the situation, the easier it is to handle.

Ready to get started?
Simply visit our Balance Pro partner site and set up a free account.

Then select the Programs tab and scroll down to Student Loan Coaching.

Would you prefer to speak with a credit union representative? No problem!

We have a team of certified financial counselors who can look at your accounts, loans, and income to help you review your options and build a budget you can actually follow.

Scheduled appointments are recommended. Call 856-696-2525 ext 6011 for more information.

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