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BAFCU Early Pay

We are so excited to announce a new benefit for members: BAFCU Early Pay.

Members with direct deposits can now access their paychecks up to two business days early!*

UPDATE: Please note that direct deposits and distributions are processed separately.

With BAFCU Early Pay, eligible direct deposits may post at anytime during the day, up to two business days prior to the pay date. While your distributions will process the same day your direct deposit is received, they will not post simultaneously. Distributions occur during our back-office cycle, around 11:30PM. We apologize for any confusion that may have occurred as a result.

Photo of man looking at cell phone excitedly and fist pumping, text reads Introducing BAFCU Early Pay

We understand that managing your finances can be stressful. Bills and emergencies don't wait around for payday, and you shouldn't have to either. With BAFCU Early Pay, your funds are made available as soon as we receive the payment file information for your direct deposit. You may have access to your funds up to two business days earlier than the scheduled payment date!

The best part? You're already signed up! BAFCU Early Pay is automatically applied to all eligible direct deposits, including payroll, pensions, government benefits, and even tax refunds.

If you don't have direct deposit with BAFCU, now is the perfect time to enroll! Just download and complete our Direct Deposit Authorization Form and submit it to your employer's payroll department. They'll get you set up ✅

Questions? Speak with Member Service at 856-696-2525 or toll-free 877-590-8866

*BAFCU Early Pay is a free service included with your membership and makes eligible direct deposits available up to two business days early. Early access to your funds is dependent on when Bay Atlantic FCU receives payment file information from your employer or payer. This timeline may vary, and you may not always receive your funds early. If you find that your direct deposit is delayed, please reach out to your employer’s payroll department or to the applicable institution or service.

Remember: You are always responsible for monitoring your account balance. If you are not keeping a check register or budget, it’s important that you check Virtual Branch Online Banking or Mobiliti Mobile Banking regularly to stay informed. Click here to learn more about our e-services.


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