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Virtual Branch Online Banking

Virtual Branch is our home banking service, the logo for which is on every page of our website in the top right corner. All you need to do is click the icon, and enter your member number and security code. If you have never used Virtual Branch before, you will need to register. Click the First Time User option and follow the instructions.

With Virtual Branch, you can:

  • View your account

  • Transfer money from one account to another

  • Make loan payments

  • Make credit card payments

  • Set up transfers automatically (monthly, bimonthly, semimonthly, or weekly)

  • Receive e-statements

  • Access Bill Pay

  • Check any holds from Visa transactions that have not cleared your account yet

  • Place a stop payment on a share draft

Click here to log into Virtual Branch!

Bill Pay

Pay bills from the convenience of your home, while away on vacation, or anywhere in between! You can set up one time or recurring monthly payments. There is no fee, and you have access to unlimited transactions. What could be easier? Log into Virtual Branch and select the Bill Pay option to start today!

For members having issue accessing Bill Pay on Safari from either iPhone or Mac computers— please follow these instructions: Safari blocks all third party cookies by default. To correct, you must go into your Privacy Settings and uncheck the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” checkbox. If you do not un-check this box, the system presents an error asking you to allow pop-ups. For iPads, this option is located in device settings. Once you allow pop-ups, it says cookies are disabled. This above steps must be taken for Bill Pay to function on Safari. Other browser are not experiencing this issue.


No need to wait for the mail-- you can be notified via e-mail when you can view, save, and print your statements from the Virtual Branch website. Just go paperless! You can also receive alerts for certificate maturity notices, overdrafts, and late payments as well-- all while saving paper! Sign up for e-statements today through Virtual Branch and always make sure we have your correct email on file.


You can customize these alerts for all of your BAFCU accounts and loans, set preferred dollar amounts, and specific date ranges. You can also set alerts to go to your email address and your mobile phone via text! To set up E-Alerts, just log into Virtual Branch, and select Create Alert from the dashboard.

E-Alerts in Virtual Branch can help!

Virtual Branch allows you to set up and customize alerts for the following:

  • Account balance above/below amount

  • ATM withdrawal or debit over amount

  • Balance reminder

  • Check/draft cleared over amount

  • Deposit over amount

  • Direct deposit over amount

  • E-Statement is available

  • Loan payment due

  • Loan payment past due

  • Multiple check/draft alert

  • Single check/draft alert

  • Withdrawal exceeds amount


TransferNow® will go live in early August. Stay tuned!

We're very excited to announce our new account-to-account transfer service! Members will be able to use this upgraded service to easily transfer funds between their credit union account and other institutions. Access your money for things like loan payments, tuition and student loans, car buying, home remodeling, and more! 

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