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Local ATM Skim Alert

We have received multiple reports from members and law enforcement that ATM skimming devices have been found at several Wawa locations in Cumberland County. We are sharing the following tips on how to identify skimming devices and how to handle compromised cards.

Skimming is a method criminals use to obtain card information and/or PIN numbers from ATMs, which can then be replicated into counterfeit cards. Card compromise from skimming is particularly dangerous because the data collected can be used to make fraudulent ATM cash withdrawals. There are a variety of devices used in ATM skimming and unfortunately they can be easily disguised and hard to spot.

When using an ATM, you should always examine the card-insert slot and PIN keypad, as these areas are targeted most often. Difference devices are used depending on the ATM's card-reader type. These devices, as well as false PIN keypads, are usually visibly raised or bulky.

There may also be a pinhole camera pointed at the ATM's keypad. These can be particularly difficult to see, as they are very small and usually painted the same color as the ATM. This is why it is important that you always cover the keypad with your opposite hand when inputting your PIN.

Be sure to check for:

  • An ATM that does not respond when you insert your card

  • A bulky or raised card-insert area or keypad

  • Loose fitting card slots or keypads that may move when wiggled

  • Any tape or sticky residue on any part of the ATM

  • Anything that seems to be added to or hanging off of the ATM

If you believe you have identified a skimming device, you should immediately alert the owner of the ATM. If you are using an ATM at a location that is closed, you should alert local law enforcement.

If you are concerned your card has been skimmed, you can either contact us directly during business hours or utilize the CardSpotlight management features in the Mobiliti mobile app anytime. Simply select the Report Lost or Stolen option and follow the prompts to order a new card. Click here for more information on CardSpotlight.

If you notice any fraudulent charges to your account, please speak with a member service representative as soon as possible. They will help you review your options for filing a dispute.

If you are concerned about the safety of ATMs in the area, remember that the Bay Atlantic FCU drive-up ATM is available 24/7 and is closely monitored and regularly inspected.

Members can also use ATMs located at Members 1st of NJ FCU and Thunderbolt Area FCU.

Members 1st of NJ FCU: 37 West Landis Avenue Vineland, NJ 08360

Thunderbolt Area FCU

1601 Cedar Street

Millville, NJ 08332


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