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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Don't forget, when you go green with BAFCU, you could receive a discount on your qualifying rate for a personal or vehicle loan when it's used for an approved eco-friendly purchase. ♻️

Photo of assorted leaf and flower wall with white text that reads Happy Earth Day.

Go Green for the Environment AND Your Wallet!

Our mission is to provide generations of family friendly service, and we believe it’s important to invest in our future generations! As part of our new green initiative, members can now enjoy up to a 2% discount* on their qualifying rate for a personal or vehicle loan, when it’s used for an approved green or eco-friendly purpose!

Green at Home (Personal Loans)Cool Roofing, window insulation, energy efficient appliances, external awnings, rainwater tanks, solar panels (photo-voltaic (PV) or thermal)​

Green on the Go (Vehicle Loans)Hybrid or electric cars, e-bikes**, mopeds and electric scooters

*Up to 2% rate reduction off qualifying annual percentage rate. Additional discounts may apply. Total discount may not decrease rate more than 1% below CU established floor rate. Program available for non-real estate installment loans only. Energy efficient improvements must be for non-commercial/residential use. Energy efficient appliances must meet certain criteria. Loans will be made payable to provider. Proof of purchase/installation required. Rate based on creditworthiness of individual applicant and subject to change without notice. Regular qualifications apply. Must meet required criteria to be approved. Existing BAFCU loans are not eligible for refinance under this promotion.

**E-Bikes may not be intended for street use. Member is responsible for checking state/local traffic and transportation laws before purchasing.


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