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What You Need to Know About the Recent T-Mobile Data Breach

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What Happened?

As you may already be aware, T-Mobile recently announced that they are investigating a cyberattack on their servers. It is believed that current, former, and prospective customers may be affected by this breach.

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Who Was Affected?

T-Mobile reports that their initial analysis revealed the stolen files may contain personal information of the following:

  • 7.8 million current postpaid customers (customers with a contact/monthly bill)

  • 40 million former or prospective customers (who had previously applied for credit with T-Mobile)

  • 85,000 prepaid customers

The following information was exposed in the stolen files:

  • first and last name

  • date of birth

  • social security number

  • driver's license/ID information


At this time, it is not believed any of the following information was exposed:

  • phone numbers

  • account numbers

  • PINs

  • passwords

  • financial information (i.e. credit/debit cards)

What is T-Mobile Doing?

T-Mobile is advising that postpaid customers take the precaution of updating their account PIN as soon as possible.


T-Mobile also announced that they will be offering the following to affected customers:

  • two years of free identity protection through McAfee's ID Theft Protection Service

  • an extra step to protect mobile accounts with their Account Takeover Protection capabilities

Additional information on these services are said to be published later today, Wednesday August 18th.

We will update this page as new information is made available.

What Can I Do?

We recommend that in the coming months, you make a concentrated effort to monitor your account(s) and transactions. Reporting suspicious activity as soon as possible helps to limit and minimize the damage done to your credit and finances. If you notice any suspicious transactions, do not hesitate to contact the credit union immediately at 856-696-2525 or toll free at 877-590-8866.


Please take the time to confirm that the contact information we have on file for you (address, phone number, email address) is up to date and accurate. This enables us to contact you quickly and without issue if there is any suspicious activity or fraud on your account.


You have the option to place freezes on your credit reports through the three credit bureaus. This will prevent the opening of new lines of credit, as well as any credit inquiries. Credit Freezes are free, and you have the ability to disable them at any time.

Please note, if you are going to apply for a loan, an apartment, or another service that requires a credit pull, you will need to disable the freeze beforehand.


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