Virtual Branch

Great news! We're upgrading our online banking experience! This August, BAFCU Login will be replaced with Virtual Branch. Members will need to update their enrollment.

Introducing Virtual Branch

We are very excited to announce that we are upgrading our internal banking system,
which means a brand new online banking platform for our members!
The new platform–Virtual Branch–will have a fresh new look, run more efficiently, and feature better security.

What You Need to Do

Beginning on Monday, August 3rd, 2020, all members who’ve used online banking in the past
will need to re-enroll to access Virtual Branch. This process is quick and simple:
  • Visit and using the login option at the top right hand corner of the browser window. Or click here.
  • Enter your MEMBER NUMBER as the Login ID.
    • If your MEMBER NUMBER is less six (6) digits long, you will need to add zeros (0) in front to fill the digit space.
      • i.e. for MEMBER NUMBER 111, you would enter 000111.
  • Enter the LAST FOUR DIGITS of your Social Security Number as your password.
  • You will be prompted to select a new user name, password, and security questions.
  • We recommend that you use your original username instead of creating something new.
  • If you currently use e-statements: you will need RE-ENROLL and agree to the updated Terms and Conditions to continue receiving e-statements and avoid the paper statement fee.
  • If you currently use Bill Pay: you will need to RE-ENROLL and agree to the updated Terms and Conditions to continue using Bill Pay. Once you have created your new username and password, Bill Pay (as well as any existing auto-payments) will transfer automatically.
  • If you currently use the Mobile App: you do not need to take any additional steps SO LONG AS your username does not change. If you change your username, you will need to reenter this information into the BAFCU app.
  • If you use the Audio Auto-Teller (Phone System): the first time you access the service, you will enter your MEMBER NUMBER (with NO additional zeros (0)) and your PIN will be the LAST FOUR DIGITS of your Social Security Number. You will then be prompted to change this.


Things to Change

While a lot of the system updates will be taking place behind the scenes, here are several changes you can expect to see:
  • The appearance of online banking will change with a fresher, more updated look and feel.
  • Statements will look different. In August, all members will receive a paper statement for July.
    • NOTE: After 8/1, you will not be able to access past statements from online banking. They will only be stored online moving forward. We ask that you download and save past statements before August and keep them with your records. Past statements can be provided as needed by contacting the credit union.
  • Account identifying numbers will change. For example, Share Savings accounts were previously identified as “00” accounts; they will now be “01” accounts. Share draft accounts were previously identified as “10” accounts; they will now be “70” accounts.
    • NOTE: This change in identifier will NOT affect your existing checks or ACH payments– the change will only affect new accounts moving forward. You will NOT need to update account information for ACH payments or order new checks.
  • Loan applications will look different. They will be more streamlined and more secure!
  • Our website will be getting a fresh update later this year as well! Stay tuned…

For members having issue accessing Bill Pay on Safari from either iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers— please follow these instructions: Safari blocks all third party cookies by default. To correct, you must go into your Privacy Settings and uncheck the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” checkbox. If you do not un-check this box, the system presents an error asking you to allow pop-ups. Once you allow pop-ups, it says cookies are disabled. This above steps must be taken for Bill Pay to function on Safari. Other browser are not experiencing this issue.


Click here for a short video on Virtual Branch.