Share Savings Accounts

You must maintain a minimum balance of $25 in this account. It is the account that enables you to be a credit union member. All shares are insured by the National Credit Union Administration to a maximum of $250,000 per member.

Club Accounts

Christmas Clubs start in October, they run for 52 weeks and will then automatically restart for the following year if you have payroll deduction or Electronic deposit. In October the money will automatically be deposited in to your share or share draft account. No waiting for a check in the mail and having to come to the credit union to cash or deposit it. You can start your holiday shopping immediately if you have a Visa check card. Holiday clubs can only be opened from October to December. Vacation Clubs can be started at any time during the year. There is a minimum deposit of $25 to open this account, after the initial deposit you can choose the amount to be deposited each pay or on a monthly basis.

Money Market Accounts

Money Market accounts pay a higher dividend rate than a regular share account. The minimum deposit for this account is $2,500. You are limited to three (3) withdrawals, checks or electronic transfers and three (3) deposits per month, and each deposit or withdrawal must be for a minimum of $250


Share certificates are available at your credit union. They can be for a short period of 6 months to as long as 60 months depending on your financial situation. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Be sure to check out our great rates.

IRA Accounts

Start planning for your retirement today by opening an IRA account at your Credit Union. With outstanding rates and funds that grow tax deferred year after year, an IRA account is an important part of your long-term savings portfolio.

  • Traditional IRA offers tax-deferred earnings and the possibility of tax deductible contributions.
  • Roth IRA is funded by non-deductible contributions but gives owners the opportunity for tax-free withdrawals.

A Coverdell enables parents and others to deposit $2,000 per year to be used for educational purposes. Earnings grow tax-free if you meet the income requirements