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Important Notice Regarding April 2019’s Visa Payment

We are currently experiencing a system issue in online banking regarding credit card balances. Some members are seeing credit cards incorrectly showing no balance due, while others are seeing their automatic payment going to an unfamiliar card.

Our credit card processor is consolidating card number history within accounts. This issue will be resolved moving forward, but here is what you need to know regarding April’s payment:

If you have a pre-existing automatic payment/transfer scheduled and it appears to be going to a different card:

  • No additional action is needed on your part
  • Your payment will process correctly to your account without issue
  • Moving forward this issue will be resolved and the automatic payment will show as going to the correct card

If you are seeing no balance due on a card that has a balance:

  • The card’s balance has not changed
  • You are still responsible for the payment due on the card
  • To confirm the card’s balance and/or the payment due, please call the credit union to speak with a representative

Credit card payments are due on Sunday, April 21st. In light of this issue, late fees on credit card payments will not be charged until Thursday, April 25th.

The credit union is open from 9am-12pm on Saturday, April 20th, and from 9am-5pm on Monday-Wednesday. Please call to confirm your balance due and/or submit your payment during business hours. Again, no late fees will be charged until Thursday, April 25th.
The credit union can be reached at 856-696-2525 or toll free at 877-590-8866. Please call with any questions or concerns.


Anytime you are on vacation be sure to notify the credit union so that when charges come through that are not normal for you, your card will not be blocked.
Lost or stolen credit cards notify: 877-590-8866
Local: 856-696-2525
After normal business hours: 866-217-1773
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